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Why Is Teeth Whitening Becoming Increasingly Popular?

Who doesn’t want to look smart with their smile? Everyone wants to look crystal clean and smart, especially when putting on a smile that exposes teeth. The only thing that will help you achieve that perfect look that you have yearned for is teeth whitening, which is also referred to as teeth bleaching. What though does the process involve?

Procedure and Tools

Teeth whitening is never a simple procedure, especially those who would want to practice the in office process. It is estimated that in the US alone, approximately $20 billion was spent in the year 2010 for teeth bleaching, making teeth whitening the most demanded procedures by clients in cosmetic dentistry.

Tools such as bleaching pens, lasers, bleaching strips, brushes and gel are used in teeth whitening. This procedure involves carbamide peroxide that after reacting with natural water forms hydrogen peroxide whose oxidizing agents then reach to your teeth enamel to remove deposits that have formed in your dentin, leaving your teeth white.

Typically, these procedures are best performed by a cosmetic dentist, although there are various kits which can be used at home. To find out what the best method is for your teeth, consult your dentist.

Natural Method

This is a widely encouraged ingenious method of teeth whitening. By consuming fruits and vegetables that are believed to possess a high percentage of malic acid that is responsible of teeth whitening.

This method does not affect your enamel in any manner. Fruits such as green apples and strawberries are recommended by dentists since they contain malic acid. Carrots can also help to boost saliva production which is the basic teeth whitening agent.

Helping Someone with Cancer

For someone diagnosed with cancer, it can have a massive effect not just physically, but emotionally, Dealing with the disease is something that no one should go through alone. So how do you help make sure that a person feels at ease and not isolated when they’re fighting cancer? Take a look at some of these tips for what to do with someone you know has cancer.

Don’t Think Like a Carer

The worst thing you can do is think of your relative/friend as anything other what they already are. They would hate to be seen as a patient in your eyes. Make sure you don’t find yourself constantly asking questions like ‘are you ok/Do you need x,y or z/ Are you comfortable?’ If your friend has a problem let them tell you, rather than trying to force it out.

Really Listen

The easiest way to be supportive is to let a person just talk. Act like a sponge for everything they say. You’ll be able to find out more about someone simply by listening to what they say. Cancer is something that a person can be forthcoming about; always remember that.

Day to Day

Carrying out chores around the house can be a pain, but it isn’t as bad a pain at what someone with cancer is fighting. Lend a hand in this fashion by doing the simple things like keeping a room tidy, washing a few dishes or just getting groceries to keep the fridge stocked up. The little things are much more important than gestures like bringing flowers or chocolates.

Taxi Man

The best way of keeping a friend in good spirits is by acting as their liaison between the clinic and home. Imagine the scenario of someone visiting a clinic by bus or taxi. Now imagine the scenario of your driving them there while having them sing along far too loud to their favourite songs. This little difference can have an absolutely massive effect on their wellbeing pre and post treatment.

Have a Plan

Visiting a friend who is sick is one thing, but keeping them entertained is another. Don’t just show up and expect to chat. Maybe they’re feeling very sick after treatment and just need someone to sit with. Whether it’s deciding to do some baking the kitchen or arrive with a few movies to watch, keep options open.

Of course it is paramount that you understand the limitations of someone’s disease and work according to that logic. Caring for cancer patients takes more than just a visit to a clinic.